South Coast Sailboats


Reefing rigging on mast and boom


Reefing rigging on mast and boom was added to make reefing the main sail easy. I just added a couple of pulley blocks and cleats to the boom, both fore and aft. To accomplish this, on the starboard side of the boom, I added a pair of stainless steel eye straps to attach 1/4" line to (both fore and aft). Opposite of the eye straps, on the port side I attached flush mounted pulley blocks (both fore and aft), and a small pair of cleats (both fore and aft), with the cleats placed towards the center of the boom.

To use this rigging, simply attach 1/4" line to the eye straps, run the line through the brass reefing points in the main sail (both fore and aft), then bring the line down and through the flush mounted pulley block, and then take it to the cleat and tie off. When you are ready to reef the main, ease the main sheet about a foot, and then tighten up on the reefing rigging (both fore and aft) to get the sail size and shape you desire.

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