South Coast Sailboats

Outboard Motor relocated from stern box to rear of the cotpit

This was a great upgrade for a lot of reasons. The steps involved are fairly simple. First the motor was removed from the stern box, and then the stern box was removed completely. Pretty easy so far, right? Now comes the difficult part. You have to be willing to cut a rectangular hole in the rear of the cotpit floor big enough to pass your motor through, and then cut that same through the hull plate directly below your previous hole. Once that has been accomplished, you need to create the tunnel walls to join the holes between the cotpit and lower hull. Again, so far not too difficult, but messy, very messy. Now once this has been accomplished, it is time for a little carpentry. You need to build to size a new transom and bolt it into the rear of the cotpit and then install the motor. This is a major modification that is not easily done, but is very doable. Once installed, you will be amazed at how your boat will handle. My boat will turn on a dime. Can almost do a 360 degree turn in just over it's own boat length. Additionally, this is fantastic for any kind of maneuvering. You can steer by tiller or motor. This makes docking and mooring a cinch. Also by moving the motor forward, the weight of the motor has less leverage on the front to back center of gravity. (Another good recommendation)

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