South Coast Sailboats

Interior lighting

2 - 12V - 25-watt lamps (white) for general interior lighting for nighttime use.

1 - 12V - 15 watt Dome Light mounted in flying lid for fast light (the switch
is mounted right inside the hatchway door.

12V switched light located in the center of the popup hatch (provides light inside the bow when closed, and lights up the entire front deck when hatch is open at night

12V switched light located on the vertical part of the inside of the anchor box. This provides cabin light all the way up in the nose of the bow for dealing with the deep cycle batteries mounted under the bunks up in the bow of the boat

For low intensity interior night lighting when sailing or just hanging, we use 4 separate red lamps (switched 2 and 2). These red lamps are just automotive marker lights like you would find at Pep Boys. They each contain two small bulbs. One pair of the red lamps has a two-speed switch to cut the brightness in half (this gives you low level red light and really low level red light). This is really excellent for preserving your night vision. With just thirty seconds of white light, your night vision is shot for fifteen minutes to a half hour depending upon the exposure to white light. I happen to do a lot of night sailing (as a percentage of the time I spend on the water).

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