Exterior Repairs/Replacements/Rehabs/Upgrades/Maintenance

A note to all interested readers: I will be adding a lot of pictures to the individual web linked pages found below. This should provide a lot of specific detailed information. You have all heard the saying, "A picture can say a thousand words". Well, we will soon have a bunch of pictures relating to the specific topics listed below.

Current sail inventory

Mast failure & replacement with new heavy-duty mast
Reefing rigging on mast and boom
Boom vang added
Preventer lines & Preventer line pulley blocks installed
Rear stay flag line using upper and lower pulley blocks
New tabernacle bracket with snap shackle holes
Keel & keel trunk removed from cabin, and new keel trunk grafted on to bottom of boat
Bulk head installed between cabin and cotpit
6 hp Johnson outboard motor relocated from stern mounted motor box to rear of the cotpit

Replacement rudder

Rudder Drawing

Rudder Additional Info
Replaced door hatch slides and door
Replaced top hatch slides
Installed new grab bars on top of the hatch cover slides

6 hp to 25 hp motor upgrade
Gutting the old cotpit
Rotted cotpit floor removed
Removed the existing transom
Enlarged motor tunnel to accept 25 hp motor
New transom to accept 6 or 25 hp motor

Gas tank placement in lockers on shelves
New floor installed
Two steps leading up to the hatchway were installed
Cotpit overhaul also included cedar decking seating, cushioned seat backs

What can you do with those old leaking port windows?


Interior Repairs/Replacements/Rehabs/Upgrades/Maintenance

Removed fiberglass water tank up in bow nose, installed battery platform
Enclosed head & sail locker
Built in cooler (Under Construction)
Built in sink (Under Construction)
Drop table, bench, and bunk (Under Construction)
Additional panels to close up floor (William's Pen) (Under Construction)
Sleeping setup 2 + 2 (Under Construction)
Curtains for side windows and front bunk


Electrical Systems - Repairs/Replacements/Rehabs/Upgrades/Maintenance

Exterior Lighting
Interior Lighting
120v Shore Power Setup with three outlets
120V (AC) switch & 12V Battery charger, 4 Deep Cycle Marine batteries
Electrical Panel (Under Construction)
Russian Spy trawler - radios and communications (Under Construction)

Trailer Repairs/Replacements/Rehabs/Upgrades/Maintenance

New winch post & winch (Under Construction)
Trailer light bar
From single to dual axel conversion (Under Construction)
Added keel rollers to trailer - takes the weight off the bunks when the sailboat is sitting on the trailer. (Under Construction)


Other Issues and Miscellaneous Concerns

Thoughts on raising and lowering the mast
Tuning the rig
Keel cable replacement
Sheet Lines (Under Construction)
Trailer Swaying

Sausage Sandwiches cooked on the boat while at anchor

Vessel Assist Delaware River 

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Dear Friends and Fellow South Coast Owners,

I have already been getting a great response from other SC owners and enthusiasts, in reference to the R/R/R (repair, replace, rehab), not to mention U/M (Upgrades & Maintenance) information contained within this web site. I want to thank you for how well received this web site has been (This was my first web site attempt).

I know that there are many of us out there that have been going down the same roads that I have been year after year. I think that as a group, we have picked up many insights, through trail and error, about how to deal with problems presented to us by a twenty or thirty something year old sailboat. If you feel that you have an experience, insight or story that you would be interested in sharing with other SC owners, please feel free to e-mail me the information that you have to contribute. I would be glad to incorporate any relevant information and or content to the knowledge base that is this web sight.

Thank You!

John C. Gaul
1972 SC 22' # 261