South Coast Sailboats

Gas tank placement in lockers on shelves

This is a great idea. This is very easy to do and works out really well. I have a six-gallon tank in each lazzerrette. They are simply placed onto the shelves that I built in to hold the tanks. This keeps the tanks level and keeps them from sliding around. Additionally, I use two gas lines, one for each tank that comes out of the vertical side of the lazzerrette next to the motor. When on tank runs out of gas, I simply unplug the one gas line, and install the other, then restart the motor. They are easily refilled in place. No mess, no fuss, no shifting gas tanks around. Also, plastic gas tanks are a must. I recommend plastic gas tanks as opposed to metal, they seal tighter, don't rust, don't dent, and don't leave red paint all over the boat from dragging them around. Second, the tank(s) can be vented through the hull (I understand they must breath as gasoline contract and expand due to the change in temperature). The simple way to do this is to use a small through the hull fitting and connect the fitting to a rubber hose (preferably gas line). Next with a small hose clamp, connect the rubber hose to the vent located on the tank (If your tank(s) is vented through the gas cap, you might need to modify your tank to provide a separate vent to which you can attach the rubber hose with a hose clamp (stainless steel only) and close the gas cap vent tight. Now, you can have one, or two 6-gallon tanks in the cotpit lockers all the time, with no gas fumes at all, and no reason to continually ship them around from one position to another. (A couple of great recommendations)

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