South Coast Sailboats

Added flag line, upper and lower pulleys & cleat for a rear stay flag


Ok, so I like to fly the American flag when I am sailing. Besides the fact that I like the way it flies way up on the top of my mast, it is also a great wind indicator. I don't recommend this if you frequently drop your mast, because it is a pain in the ass to deal with when the mast is going up or down. If you don't often drop your mast, then it is very functional, and a great place to fly the American flag. (A good recommendation)

Originally, I had simply attached the flag sheet to a flush mounted pulley block at the top of the mast on the side of the mast. This didn't work that well because the flag would always get caught in the side stays, and it blocked the view from the cotpit of the mast mounted wind indicator.

I later attached a steel cable 3/32" about two feet in length to where the rear stay is attached at the top of the mast. This cable at the lower end has a loop to which I would attach a single pulley and shackle with a clevis pin. This is installed so that the rear stay runs through the shackle. At the bottom, I have mounted a single stainless steel eye strap and pulley block to the stern just to the port side of where the rear stay meets the chain plate to which it is attached. On the inside if the stern I have attached a small cleat. Now before setting up the mast, run a ¼" flag line from pulley block to pulley block and leave a couple of extra feet of line. When the mast is up, you can then tie off the flag sheet to the cleat. I also recommend that you attach a couple of snap bales to the sheet line to attach the flag. This beats tying up the flag to the lines when you want to use the flag.

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