South Coast Sailboats

Exterior lighting

2 spreader lights for the deck switched at the main electrical panel.

12V switched light in the anchor box (on cabin lights circuit) provides light at night when mooring and fooling around with the anchor or docking lines.

12V switched light located in the center of the popup hatch (provides light inside the bow when closed, and lights up the entire front deck when hatch is open at night.

Red and green navigation lights were moved from the low sides of the cotpit walls to a single hang point on the underside of the pulpit rail (this keeps them clear of when we lay the mast down and use the pulpit rail to support the mast. I remember getting several complaints from power boaters, that they could not see the port or starboard lights until they were almost on top of us. Again since I do a lot of nighttime sailing, this had to change.

Standard Stern, Steaming and Anchor lights

We added one additional light at top of the mast to light up the wind direction indicator.


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