South Coast

Enclosed head & sail locker

When the boat came to me early on, I found out that the interior was completely rotted out. When the interior was reinstalled, the front berth was extended to allow for more sleeping room.

At the time of reconstruction, the original water tank was left in place (but was cut out later to make room for batteries up in the nose of the bow (under the berth)). When the new woodwork was installed, it was set up so that to the rear of the water tank, two storage lockers were installed under the level of the berth. On the port side we now have a large sail locker. This is deep enough to hold all auxiliary sails with the locker lid shut. This keeps the sails dry and limits the amount of moisture that can get to the sails. The main sail and jib are normally stored in sail bags that are just tossed up into the front berth.

In the starboard side locker we have installed a porta-potty style head. This works very well considering the confined space that we have to work with. To use the head, simply remove any objects covering the lid (there is always something covering the lid, it's a sailboat), remove the lid, and then open up the porta-potty. To give you an idea of positioning of the porta-potty, it is not uncommon for the person using the head to open the front hatch for more headroom. The curtains amid ship work very well. This gives someone a little privacy when using the head (you gotta think about the women aboard in order to keep the crew happy).

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