South Coast Sailboats

Bulkhead installed between cabin and cotpit

This worked out really well. This prevents water and odors for leaching forward into the cabin. It makes the cabin a little more air tight, and therefore warmer in cold weather. It also helps to keep gas fumes out of the cabin, if you keep you gas tanks in the cotpit lockers. . I think this is a good setup for a couple of reasons. First I store gas tanks back there, and you cannot smell them inside the boat. Nor can you smell the bilge odors. Previously, I used to have batteries (12V) installed back there. They smell when discharging or recharging. The final reasons for a bulkhead are to limit the amount of moisture (or large quantities of seawater) from entering into the cabin. Gas fumes have never been a problem for me. I have also seen in sail mag. how you can vent your tanks directly to the outside of the boat. I haven't done this but in the ten years I have had this boat it has never been a problem. (A great recommendation)

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