South Coast Sailboats

One very clean, very fast SC 21 (Modified)

Owner: Mike & Pat Chenoweth

Mike writes:

Here is a list of the improvments I have made to my boat.

1 Refaired the keel to hull joint, eleminating the dam at the forward upper part of the keel.
2 Refaired the keel and rudder leaving a 3/16 flat on the trailing edge. Added 3/4 to rudder width
3 Replaced the rubber rub rail with teak and stainless.
4 Installed Lewmar 8 winches and Harkin traveler.
5 Installed cam cleats on bridge deck for mast runing rigging.
5 Installed internal halyards.
6 Installed double spinaker halyards and gear. ( what a trip with two spinakers up)
7 165 Genoa on flexable furler.
8 Full batten main with high extended roach.
9 Extended mast crane eight inchs to clear backstay from sail.
10 Adjustable Backstay.
11 Boom vang.
12 Interior of boat totaly stripped.
13 Starboard cockpit now insulated cooler. ( I like to go fast but not without a beer)
14 Datamarine knot and depth meter.

I can go 7 knots to windward, and have seen 11 knots on a reach.
One great boat. I cant see changing the rudder to the new style as the
old one will let you spin out before you get in trouble. I will admit,
I have laid it flat out in the water a number of times.

I sail my boat on the Rappahanock river in Virgina, preferably inside
the Rapp. Bridge were the water is flat but still get 10 to15 knots of
wind. There are very few boats, including J 24 that can keep up with me.

If you have a 21, you should do these items and go out and kick butt.
Mike Chenoweth
Stingray Marine Service
917 Ocran Rd.
Whitestone Va.22578

P.S. Please include my name and address on your owners list.
I thought you would like to see this, as I have been going thru the same
thing for sixteen years now. I am now in the process of doing my second
blister job. Keep at it, the southcoast boats are gtrat. If you ever
have a chance to sail a 21, go for it it is a real kicker.



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