South Coast Sailboats

Curtains for side windows and front bunk

One of the basic additions that was made early on was to add curtains to the sailboat. When sleeping on the "Kickback", if you don't want to rise with the sun, you need darkness in the cabin.

This was an easy project to implement. I was looking for three sets of curtains, one pair to split in the middle for each side window, and another pair to cover the entire front berth area. The side window curtains should be dark material (in my case dark blue), preferably doubled up for added light blocking. The purposes of the curtains amid ship were two fold, first it would give some privacy to someone sleeping up in the bow when sailing, or at anchor. It is also a great way to hide from view all the gear that just gets tossed up into the nose of the boat on occasion. Additionally, on the "Kickback" our head is located in the starboard storage locker under the front berth. This gives someone a little privacy when using the head (you gotta think about the women aboard in order to keep the crew happy).

While a friend cutup and sewed the curtains, I installed plastic tracks above the windows and across the cabin roof from side to side amid ship. After the curtains were assembled, I then had to sew on the little plastic pieces that fit into the slots of the curtain track. Once the curtains were fitted with the slugs, I just slide the slugs into the tracks, and then installed a nut and screw to keep the slugs from sliding out of the tracks.

There was one other addition to the curtains that was made at a later date. This was to install Velcro strips to the middle joint in each of the curtain pairs, and another to join the side curtains to the front curtain. This helps keep the curtains in place when closed and also eliminates more light, by closing up the gap between the curtains when pulled closed.

Just a construction note: Tracks and slugs should be made of plastic. Attaching screws and track screws and nuts should be made of stainless steel. This prevents condensation from rusting your hardware and staining the curtains after being installed.

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